What are payday loans?

The process is similar to other payday loans, in that they are short-term loans for small amounts to cover urgent expenses incurred between paychecks.

What if I have bad financial history?

Because many payday loan lenders do not require check of financial history, credit problems will not be an impediment to getting your payday loan. Even if your credit history contains charge-offs, bounced checks, or bankruptcy, you can still be approved for a payday loan.

How long will it be before I have the money?

Most payday loan lenders will be able to get you the money by the next possible business day.

What if I can't repay the entire loan on the maturity date?

If this happens, most payday loan companies offer you some flexibility by letting you pay just the finance charge on your loan and then extend it for more time for an additional fee. This will buy you some time to come up with the money. This will vary depending on your lender, however.

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